Eli Block
Graphic, product, interaction,
& industrial designer

Colosseum via underwater film camera.

Colosseum via point and shoot.

Sunset view of Capri.

Some time ago in Italy.

Sunrise over Ammoudi

Sunset over Ammoudi

View from the Nicoletta Ammoudi Suites

Greece on film, August 2021

Waves in Santorini, August 19, 2021

Hike from the Monastery to the far beach; Hydra, September 2, 2021

Will at sunset; Spiti Barbara, Hydra Greece

I only ever take photos of the same 4 things.

Alex and Will in front of the Parthenon on our first full day in Greece on August 16, 2021.

Alex and Will at the Temple of Poseidon, August 30, 2021. I survived the drive from Athens, and we stopped a few beautiful places along the way.

A few photos of my three favorite things.

Nature boy vvilliam

Pacific Northwest in black & white; Sea Glass Beach and Cannon Beach